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Prague Day 2: 10 O’Clock and Thirty Minutes

The transformation is nearly complete.

Our breakfast at the hotel was cut short when the receptionist, not the waitress, came out and told us that “breakfast is served between seven o’clock and thirty minutes and ten o’clock and thirty minutes.” After staring at her confused we realized it was about 10:40. We thought we just couldn’t get any more food after 10:30, not that we had to evacuate the premises. So we stuffed some food into our mouths and headed out for the day.

First up was the Prague Castle, which has been the home of the Czech government for over 1,000 years. It’s absolutely huge and spread out at the top of the hill (obviously a military strategy) and it consists of several parts including St. Vitus’s Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, and the Royal Gardens. And of course because you’re up so high, you get a great aerial view of Prague.


A stroll around the castle.


We walked around the whole thing, but were most impressed by the Cathedral. It had some very creepy medieval (gothic) looking structure and inside was stained glass the likes of which we’ve never seen. A few of the windows were made up of very small, intricate tiles placed closely together.

After the castle, we went back into “new town” and saw a Salvador Dali exhibit. It was my first taste of Dali and it was definitely hit-or-miss. Some of the stuff was just a little too much for me, but some of it was cool and interesting. It was definitely a far cry from the Renaissance Art we’d seen at the beginning of the trip.

Outside of the Dali museum was a huge outdoor market that was selling beer, sausages, hot cider, and more of Hanna’s TRDLO’s. We picked up lunch there and sat outside and ate it while we watched a group of 15 year olds drinking beer and taking pictures. Not sure what the drinking age is in Prague, but I’m pretty sure it’s not very strictly enforced.



Prague ham roasting on the fire.


On our way through the town I picked up a new soccer jersey, that of Rosicky, who I had never heard of but I liked the jersey and thought it would be cool to have another player to follow. We stopped at a café that had WiFi so I looked him up, only to find that he was a goalie (boo!) and that he wasn’t even from Prague, he was from Bratislava, Slovakia! Why would a store in Prague have the jersey of one of their hated rivals from Slovakia?

After much confusion I realized that I had typed in “Kosicky” instead of “Rosicky” and when I entered the right name it made a lot more sense. Rosicky is the floppy-haired captain of the Czech national team who plays for Arsenal in the English Premier League. I decided not to “accidentally” leave the jersey in the hotel room after all.

We hung out at the internet café for a while and enjoyed the sights. Prague gets kind of shady at night, with lots of loiterers hanging around looking like drug dealers. Although it was odd and a little disturbing, they never seemed like they wanted to hurt you or steal from you, so we didn’t really fear for our safety. Still, we trusted no one.

We headed back to the hotel after getting a full spread for dinner for about 5 euro (including two more half liters of beer). We ate and then I went down to post some articles using the free WiFi in the lobby. Not sure I like it as much as Vienna, but Prague is definitely at the top of the list. Next stop: Nuremberg.